Committee Membership

1. Departmental Seminar Coordinator (1999-2000; 2008-2009)

2. Volunteer Coordinator for CMOS 2009 Congress

3. Coordinator for CNC/SCOR lecture tours over the east coast of Canada (Since 2005)

4. Canadian National Committee for the Scientific Committee on Ocean Research [SCOR](Since 2002)

5. Principal of Halifax Chinese Language School (1993-1998, 2001-present)

6. Advisory Professor, Hohai University, China (Since July, 2001)

7. Advisory Professor, Department of Sedimentation, Institute of Water Resources and Hydropower of China, Beijing, China (Since 2006)

8. Chair, Scientific Steering Committee for the LRF Network on modelling and prediction of extreme marine events, Lloyd's Register Foundation (2011-2016)

9. Committee Member, Huntsman Award Selection Committee, Bedford Institute of Oceanography (2011-2016)